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September 17th
Wiffle Ball Tournament

The Lombardi Party Bike Team

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Our Story

The Lombardi Party originated in 2007 when Kevin Lombardi walked alone in the 50 Mile MS Challenge Walk on Cape Cod. Kevin walked in honor of his mother Carmella and brother Carl, both afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis.

Since then, The Lombardi Party has grown to a team of dozens of walkers and volunteers, with an even larger network of friends, sponsors and supporters - all with one goal; to end MS forever. And this commitment has only grown more urgent as a third generation of the Lombardi family, Melissa Matthews, now struggles with this disease.

The Lombardi Party is more than a Challenge Walk team. We are a community that offers support, encouragement and a positive environment to all those impacted by Multiple Sclerosis. Together, we work to put an end to this debilitating disease. As our ranks grow, we are joined by more and more people whose lives are impacted by MS. Together, we must find a cure!

We invite you to come out to one of our many events. Join the team as a walker, sponsor or volunteer. We have a lot of fun! We welcome you to come and see what our community is all about!

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The MS Challenge Walk

The MS Challenge Walk is an annual event held on Cape Cod that brings together over 600 walkers and hundreds of volunteers who raise money for the National MS Society. The 50 mile walk takes place over 3 days on scenic Cape Cod. All together, the event raises over $1,000,000 for the benefit of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is threefold:
1) Raise Awareness
2) Raise Money
3) Raise up a community of leaders dedicated to ending MS!

The Lombardi Party believes that there are many ways to promote the cause:

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